This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as - Policy) applies to all attitudes of participants arising from the use of any services and functions of the Platform "DIGILIFE" (hereinafter - DIGILIFE), and refers to any information that is obtained about companies and Individuals (Users) using these services and services.
Use of services and functions DIGILIFE means unconditional consent of all participants to the terms of this Policy. Installed rules for processing user personal information are mandatory for all DIGILIFE members. Disagreement with these Regulations, as a whole, and in part, is an unconditional reason for termination use of DIGILIFE services and functions.
  1. Personal (personal) information includes:
    1. Information provided by the User at registration (getting an individual password /login and creating an account (account));
    2. Information provided by the User in use services and functions DIGILIFE;
    3. Information that is automatically transferred to the DIGILIFE System when use of its services and functions with the help of the a user of the software user, for example, user's browser, IP address, cookies, etc.
  2. If you use personal (personal) information of the DIGILIFE service proceed from the following principles:
    1. Any information including that listed in item 1 of this The provision is provided by the user voluntarily;
    2. The information provided by the user is valid until proven otherwise;
    3. The user bears full responsibility for the authenticity information, including on issues related to the the legal capacity of the user
    4. The user is aware of all the negative consequences provision of invalid or incomplete information;
    5. DIGILIFE's competency limits are limited to the web system DIGILIFE and do not apply to any other Internet resources, & nbsp; at including those for which there are links to the DIGILIFE website;
    6. Preservation of personal (personal) information from unauthorized use is possible only in the case of joint efforts of DIGILIFE services and the user. DIGILIFE services accept all possible measures to keep this information out of the authorized access, however, these measures are certainly not enough, if the user will also not take all necessary measures to save information.
  3. The user provides, and DIGILIFE stores the specified information for the following:
    1. Identifying the user when using the services and functions DIGILIFE;
    2. User identification in the event of a contract with operators or partners of DIGILIFE;
    3. Sending important messages and notifications to the user to protect the interests of the user
    4. Sending information and other materials to the user, which can be profitably used by the user;
    5. Improvement of the quality of DIGILIFE services and functions for providing the user with better services
    6. To develop new services and features that can be useful to the user
    7. To collect quality data provided to the user services;
    8. Targeting materials
    9. Carrying out of sociological researches without granting personal information.
  4. The user provides, and DIGILIFE processes and uses information received in the following order:
    1. DIGILIFE uses only the necessary information about User;
    2. DIGILIFE does not provide confidentiality of information if user in person or through a representative transmitted information to the third persons, irrespective of whether these persons are acting within the framework of DIGILIFE or other Internet resources
    3. The user understands and agrees that part the information placed by him may be available to third parties
    4. DIGILIFE may transmit information if such transmission is related to the performance by DIGILIFE participants or by third parties obligations to the user in connection with the operation of the user services and functions DIGILIFE;
    5. DIGILIFE may transmit information if the user explicitly expressed his consent to such a transfer;
    6. DIGILIFE may transfer information, if it follows from requirements of the current Russian law.
  5. When processing personal data of DIGILIFE users is guided by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data."
  6. The user does not have the right to file a policy violation claim use of information if information is transmitted when alienation by the owner of DIGILIFE of this Internet resource.
  7. DIGILIFE has the right to derogate from the Privacy Policy and personal information of the user, if the latter violates DIGILIFE legal documents or such deviation is necessary to protect the interests of third parties whose rights are violated by the user.
  8. The user has the right to modify, supplement or delete the personal information on your own. However, the risks of granting inadequate or incomplete information is carried by the user.
  9. DIGILIFE takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the user's personal information from unlawful or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with it.
  10. DIGILIFE has the right to unilaterally change the contents this Policy with the date of the new edition. New The Policy edition comes into force from the moment it is placed on the corresponding pages of DIGILIFE, unless otherwise provided by the new edited.
  11. All relationships that arise in connection with the use of personal (personal) information is regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.