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Electronic designer "the Expert" is a set of electronic components and connections, allowing the child to collect the electric circuit without soldering. The designer included 180 diagrams of electrical circuits. Designer can play several children at the same time. Everyone can gather your option.

Design of a set of simple and clear descriptions, even a child of five. This will allow you to play without the help of parents.

Designer Connoisseur "180 schemes" you can collect: radios, auto lighting, music, calls, games and toys, imitations of the sounds of the alarm.


The original method of joining parts;

Quick results;

Soldering is not required.


Light control;

Sound control;

Water management;

Magnetic control;

Touch control;

Electrical control.

In the set:

The electric motor;



Music integrated circuit;

Light bulbs and LEDs;

Piezo buzzer (piezo alarm);

Photoresistors plate;

Magnetically operated contact;

Switching devices and circuit breakers;



Note: 4 AA batteries not included in the set.


Age: from 5 years

Gender: for all

Brand: Connoisseur

Country: Russia

Packing: carton

Packing size: 41 x 28 x 4 cm

Delivery in Moscow by courier. The cost of 300 rubles.

Delivery in regions is carried out through the Mail of Russia.

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